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Friday, September 16, 2016

Haulover Canal


Has been a brutal Summer for us. Changes, stress, and more stress. But today am back to where am supposed to be on my day off. Had a nice paddle, what else is new?, in the waters of the Indian River out of Haulover Canal. Got the visual trifecta right out of the bat, as a small gator was patrolling the end of the canal at the river, dolphins were hunting there too, and manatees swam by in herds. Not a bad start. Was not able to get a decent pic of the gator so no trifecta.

Bair's Cove manatee

Put In / Take Out: The end of the dirt road at the NW side of the bridge over the canal. I posted a link in one of the previous Haulover Canal posts. Look for it and chances are you may enjoy other pics there too.

Small "islands" in the Indian River

I have been out of the kayak for a while and could not remember when was the last time I kayaked there. So, that was why I was intrigued about the "island" formations just a few hundred yards from the put in. Also, was so distracted by the numerous dolphins hunting in the river that did not pay attention to the "islands". All that changed when heard a loud and continuous splash. Something startled the "islands".

Manatee herd splashing

Closer look

I was just glad the splashing was not because of me, It would have been a very wet proposition. Anyways, after this kept trying to catch a dolphin on air, as they were jumping out of the water often, I had no luck in that enterprise. Unless a tail shot counts. It was fun...

Indian River Dolphin

Left the dolphins and paddled around Mullet Head Island, a mile West from the put in. It was a bit choppy so did not get too many pics. Besides, the island was not too active this time.


Paddled back to the canal area through the usual less traveled path, an alternate canal South of the big one. This one takes you to what my kayaking mentor, Dave from Dave's Yak Tales, called Dolphin Cove. More times than not a dolphin hunts there. This time was a NOT time so straight to Bair's Cove, where stretched my legs and enjoy the manatees from the kayak and the dock...

Manatee comes to check my kayak

And this is it. Thanks for checking our blog and considered yourself invited to our next post. Just a hint of what is coming, we will visiting the North part of the state more often now since a piece of my heart lives there now. So good things coming. Stay tuned, we will share with you more Views From Our Kayak

Mullet Head Island ahead,,,and a dolphin photobomb

Friday, August 5, 2016

Lower Wekiva River (from Katie's Landings)

And it was happyyyyyyyyy....

Back to the water...back to the kayak...the gator was happy as I was...

Not really. Gators open their mouth as a cooling technique so it was not happy to see me in the river again but I was really happy to be able to kayak again. This was a short one, two hours total, as did not want to stress my elbow. Not completely healed yet. Good news it did not hurt at all during the paddle. Bad was a little sore this morning. Ahhhh...who cares. Let us go to the pics from this trip starting with pics from the lagoon area in front of Katie's Landings...

Little Blue Heron


Tri-Colored Heron (juvenile)

Belted Kingfisher

Tri-Colored Heron (adult)

Tri-Colored Heron

Kept paddling through the West side of the island near Katie's Landings. It is more wild and peaceful. Looks like someone cut lots of fallen trees. It looked very wide.

Green Heron

Green Heron....caption the pic

Great Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron

Did paddle all the way to the high ground area that it is used as a campsite, which is illegal. That does not stop people from using. Did turn around immediately. Usually I would take a break at the high ground but not this time. The following pics are from my trip up river.

Red Shouldered Hawk (juvenile)

Small gator enjoys the Sun

Mid Sized Gator


Swallow Tailed Kite

Swallow Tailed Kite

Swallow Tailed Kite

Swallow Tailed Kite

This is it for this one. I do not know if you missed my posts but I did really miss kayaking. Thanks for coming and hope you come back soon. We will be sharing the Views From Our Kayak...