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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Haulover Canal

Wood Stork and Spoonie at Mullet Head Islan

Hello there. It has been a while. I know. But we went back to the water and enjoyed our three hours in the Indian River around Mullet Head Island and Haulover Canal. We put in at Bair's Cove as the bridge is still closed.

Great Blue Heron

From Bair's Cove to Mullet Head Island paddling West on Haulover Canal...


At the North East corner of Mullet Head Island...

Ibis and chick

Paddled around Mullet Head Island...'

Reddish Egret

Back to the canal area. A dolphin was fishing at what my mentor called Dolphin Cove...

Dolphin Cove dolphin
Hunting..or fishing???

And this is it for this one. Thanks for checking us and hope you come back when we post our next one to share with you the Views From Our Kayak.

Friday, March 3, 2017

DeLeon Springs-Spring Garden Creek

Could not picked a worse day for a comeback. Not even the concessionary at DeLeon Springs were renting kayaks due a "lake wind advisory". Nahhh!!!!!!!! I can handle it...that is what I thought. Reality was not even close. Decided to cut it short. But had some pics chances in the process and that is what counts.

Hello there!!!!

Put In / Take Out: DeLeon Springs State Park. Please check other posts from this location for information. Am sure I had posted links to DeLeon Springs State Park. You will find all the information you need.


As I mentioned at the beginning it was tough to paddle at this location on this particular day. The outflow of the springs goes to a nice lagoon or mini lake where the wind was not as brutal but at the open waters of Spring Garden Lake the story was different. Very tough to take pics of flying eagles, swallow tail kites, ospreys, and hawks controlling your kayak and preventing your hat from flying 50 feet away in the process. Let me stop whining. Let us go to the pics.

Great Blue Heron


Little Blue Heron

Great Egret





In the distance was able to ID a Bald Eagle trying to catch a fish while battling the wind. Paddled as hard as I could to position myself with the Sun behind me and at least try to get a decent shot of the eagle. The wind moved it farther from me and was not able to do much. Excuse me for the poor quality of the pics. Were the only ones I got.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Was taking a pic of this sub adult, its body feathers are not completely brown yet as it still has white ones, when an adult came and chased it out of the area. Here is...The Chase...(again...sorry about the low quality of the pics)

The Chase is ON!!!!

Adult up to the right and sub adult to the left. See the difference in the feather colors


Hail the conquer hero!!!!!!!

Went into Spring Garden Creek, where I usually paddle all the way down to Lake Woodruff. Not today. The wind was really strong in my back and was going to face on my way back. Did paddle 30 minutes or so and decided to return to the State Park...

Tri Colored Heron


Alligator at Spring Garden Creek


Great Blue Heron


Juvenile Ibis


Green Heron

Juvenile Little Blue Heron

And this is it. Do really have to make an effort to kayak more often. Too many things going on at the same time but still enjoy kayaking and shooting pics as the first day I tried it almost 7 years ago. Stay tuned. There will be more Views From Our Kayak soon.