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Friday, October 12, 2012

Lower Wekiva River

Young Buck at Wekiva Park Dr

Joanne, this is one is for you!!!! You are probably asking who is Joanne so I am going to tell you. Joanne is half of the Wekiva River Angels, Joanne and Pam, and is recovering from a health issue. She cannot go kayaking right now so today we kayaked one of the places she frequently goes: The Lower Wekiva River out of Katie's Landings.  We had an excellent short time in the water, a few minutes over three hours, and on our way there. The opening pic was shot at Wekiva Park Dr, a few meters away from Katie's Landings. Was not the only deer sight of the paddle.

A frog for the Little Blue Heron's breakfast

Put In/Take Out: Katie's Landings in Sanford, FL. Click the link for location. It is an honor system, meaning that you leave your payment, $3.00 per vehicle, at the pay box, hang the stub in your rear view mirror and you are good to go. Enjoy the river.

Eastern Phoebe

The beginning of the day was a roller coaster. We hit a high when the buck on the opening pic cut in front of us in Wekiva Park Dr. Then a low at Katie's Landings after paying and getting ready to leave the yak at the river. I will let the next two pics tell you the story at that time.

Sign at Katie's Landings

No comments
Not going to comment on what happened when he dropped the canoe into the river and then tried to drive the trailer away, ripping the chain off and rolling the trailer tires over his wife's foot, making my wife scream to warn him. Let us move on.

Female Common Yellowthroat

Long story short, I do not have too much time to finish this post, we spent about 20 minutes across Katie's, pushed our way west of the small island north of the put in, paddled down river for a little less than one hour and 45 minutes before turning around back to Katie's.  We did so after seeing a doe with a fawn about half a mile down river from the high grounds some people use illegally as a camping site.

Green Heron

Before showing you the rest of the pics let me share with you something I saw that, at least for me, defies common sense and logic.

Scuba divers on the Wekiva River

I asked them how was the visibility and one of them told it was just two feet. Way to go in a gator infested river. I am pretty sure they are pros and they know what they are doing. It just baffles me. Do not know folks but common sense seems to be lost here but that is just my opinion. By the way, they made it safely out of there. Saw their boat at full speed going south just before leaving Katie's Landings on our way home.

Lower Wekiva River deer

Here are the pics of what we saw today...

Buck at Wekiva Park Dr

Common Yellowthroat

Little Blue Heron

Green Heron

Tri-Colored Heron

Little Blue Heron


Snowy Egret

Daffy Duck

Belted Kingfisher




Great Blue Heron



Baby gators

And a few of the deer pics we took before turning around. Were not able to get a pic of the fawn, who ran deep into the forest.

At the right of the pic you can see the silhouette of the fawn

I found that funny


Baby gator

Eastern Phoebe



Turtle and a Moorhen

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk

And that is it for this one. Thanks for reading and hope you return for the next post when we will share more Views From Our Kayak.

An old friend...the 417/419 Bald Eagle. We saw it on our way back home.


  1. Fantastic! I think I'll go there tomorrow.

    I'll also comment on illegal launcher. Hope the beech broke her foot.

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you reported the illegal launcher? I don't like being a tattle tale either, but what they're doing is detrimental to the river and to those of us who enjoy it appropriately.
    407 884-2009 is the number for the ranger station at Wekiwa Springs State Park. On a weekday, as for Warren Poplin, Park Manager. On weekends, as to speak to the assistant park manager, who would either be Amy or Sabrina.
    Or you can call Seminole County Sheriff.

  3. AMAZING photos! Your stuff makes me want to get out on the water!

  4. Bless the bounty of the Wekiwa & thanks gor sharing. My favorite pic is the Green Heron w/woodsy background..

  5. My wife says thanks for the compliments and nice words. We do appreciate them.

    About the launchers, the sad part is that they seemed nice people, nice senior citizens. I felt sad for the lady after the trailer incident. It could have been worst since she was also handling a rope and it was ripped from her hands. We saw them later, not too far from Wekiva Haven and she was OK.

    I was more surprised with the SCUBA divers. I believe that maybe they dropped something and were looking for it. The water was not clear and visibility had to be poor(2 feet according to the divers). Had to be a good reason.

  6. I don't understand why people can't follow the rules. I wonder if they even paid the fee?

    As for the SCUBA divers... that would have to be something VERY, VERY valuable that I lost and was going after. Otherwise, I'd consider it a sacrificial offering to the Wekiva. :)

    At any rate, great pics!

  7. First- Beautiful photos as always! Second, those divers must not be from around here.