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Friday, March 29, 2013

Haulover Canal

Roseate Spoonbill (Spoonie)

Today wifey and I had the shortest paddle ever. It is becoming a dangerous habit when we go out together. But I had to deal with some issues this morning at she had some things to take care early in the night. So we paddle for only two hours and change at one of our favorites: Haulover Canal. Technically did not get a Yak Dave Trifecta ( Gator, Dolphin, and Manatee) but in reality did see the tree of them. One of them from the van, on the road. Were not able to get a pic. Did not get too many pics. Wifey decided to play with the settings of the new camera and most of the pics, from the few she shot, did not come good. 

American Kestrel. Spotted in the power lines on our way to Haulover Canal. There a few of them.

Put In / Take Out: Please see previous posts about Haulover Canal. We always put in the same location.

Brown Pelicans

This one is going to be short. We only spent just over two hours in the kayak. Did our usual YD Tour that involves kayaking counter clock wise around Mullet Head Island, back to Haulover Canal through Dolphin Cove, to Bairs Cove, and back to the put in. We saw dolphins nearby Mullet Head Island but only managed to get only one pic as it swam away from us. The one and only manatee was near the take out since there were no manatees at Bairs Cove today. There was a light chop in the Indian River and a nice breeze. Paddling was not a problem under these conditions. That being said, here are the pics of what we saw today...


Yes...That is a dolphin (at least a dolphin fin)


Black Crowned Night Heron


Spoonie, Cormorant, and Spoonie chicks

Spoonie and chicks

Peregrine Falcon. Saw it on the West side of  Mullet Head Island

Peregrine Falcon

Spoonie Flying
Brown Pelicans

Tri-Colored Heron

Spoonie Chick

Brown Pelican

Royal Tern ( I believe)
Great Egret

Pelican Formation

Brown Pelican

Great Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron

Green Heron

Belted Kingfisher

The side you will usually see from a Belted Kingfisher


Take Off


Manatee. The next pics are a sequence that started with this one...



Manatee goes down

On our way home we spotted this Sandhill Crane family with a chick. As my mentor says, you do not have to be in the water but have to go kayaking...

Sandhill Crane and chick

Sandhill Crane and chick
This is it for this one. Thanks for reading and if you want to see more pics visit us on Facebook, Views From Our Kayak on Facebook.  See you soon to share more Views From Our Kayak.

Royal Terns at Mullet Head Island

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  1. It looks like you had a great trip. Lots of good photos.

    I enjoy your blog, thanks for posting.