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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Audubon Center for Birds Of Prey...and some more (NKP)

Audubon Center For Birds of Prey - Bald Eagle

We stayed grounded today. I re-hurt my back last Thursday loading my kayak in the minivan and wanted to take a break for it to heal but wifey asked me to take her somewhere, with only one condition; She did NOT want to walk too much under the Sun. Then she remembered our visit to Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. a little more than a year ago, so there we went. As we do not like to show the birds wearing the restraining device the center uses, wifey believes the pic above and the next are representative of what the center does.

Juvenile Bald Eagle at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey

The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey is not a zoo. Is a rehabilitation center for birds of prey when they are found with life threatening conditions. For example, I remember one of the eagles we saw last year had a crooked beak. It was not going to be able to survive on its own. There are birds at the center with other conditions like broken wings, eye traumas, etc. If they can rehabilitate the bird, they will do it and then release it back to the wild when the time is right. If the bird cannot be rehabilitated it will stay at the center where the volunteers will take care of it. They have very interesting educational programs. Please click on the link, Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, for more and better information and visit them the next time you are in the Orlando-Maitland area. The fee is $5 per person. Here is their Facebook Page too.Now let me show you a sample of what is in there, at the exhibit area (birds that cannot be rehabilitated).

Barred Owl...This one was "imprinted", or got so used to humans for some reason. Other owls attacked it and hurt its eye.

Barn Owl, this is one we do not see around often...

Great Honrned Owls...

Red Tailed Hawk...

Bald Eagles. They have a few of them at the center. Let us start with the young one.  We were not able to learn why this one is at the center, but it is a shame such a beautiful bird most likely will never make it to the wild...

And a couple of adult Bald Eagles. Personally I prefer to see them like on the 4th of July at the Econlockhatchee River. But at least these ones help us to learn more about them.

And here are some pics of birds they have inside the house. These ones have restraining devices that are very obvious so was not able to hide them.

American Kestrels...

Eastern Screeching Owl...

And that was the end of our visit to the Audubon Center For Birds of Prey. After that wifey wanted to take a short walk around Mead Gardens just to see if there was something interesting to shot pics at. There were not too many options but we had a good time.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Northern Cardinal. It had Bird Mites, an illness that causes the bird to loose the head feathers.




A Northern Mockingbird giving a Red Bellied Woodpecker a hard time

Northern Mockingbird

Thanks for reading and hoping to be back at the kayak soon and for you to come back so we can share more Views From Our Kayak. Check our Views From Our Kayak Facebook Page. See you.


  1. Sorry to hear about your back. I dread something like that happening. I would rely on your photos to keep connected to the water. My first bald eagle picture is of bent beak. The day after I got my first camera, the vet's office down the street had an open house. Several of the Birds of Prey were part of the festivities.

    1. Thanks Master Dave. Right now is not looking too good. Has gotten worse. Sadly is not the first time it happens. Same kind of injury, exactly the same spot. I do not like to take Advil or similar drugs but had to make an exception tonight.

      The Audubon Center For Birds of Prey is an awesome place and this is our way of trying to promote them. Maybe you should visit them and write a post on Dave's Yak Tales since you have a huge fan base.

  2. Dave, I have back problem. I use Excedrin or the Wal-Mart substitute. It eases the pain considerably. Thought that you would be interested. I am a great admirer of your blog. Wish I could kayak. Went to Manatee Cove once. It was a great adventure. Thought the boys were going to tip our the kayak.
    Thank you. George