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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rock Springs Run & Wekiwa Springs State Park

Deer Lady

Rock Springs Run was not the place I wanted to go today. But family schedules kind of forced me to go there. Do not get me wrong, I do like the place. It is just a harder than average paddle and you have to be very alert for the pic chances. To make things different the put in area, at the Wekiwa Springs State Park, it is usually a circus. I did have a good laugh waiting for my sons today just watching people going out on canoes at the lagoon. Some of them, even with the employees telling them, went out backwards and some made a minimal effort for not to end in the water.

Ibis' Flock

Put In / Take Out: Wekiwa Springs State Park. I will use the intelligent laziness concept. Please check previous posts about this location for information.

Great Blue Heron

Was in the water by 8:30 AM and headed down river looking for the confluence of the Wekiva River with Rock Springs Run. Shared the river with a couple coming upstream from Wekiva Island. Other than that, no one else. At Rock Springs Run there was a little more activity but not too much. Two kayaks and a canoe coming downstream was all that I saw in two plus hours. Turned around way after Big Buck Camp at 11:20. Here is what I saw...

Gator at the lagoon



Otter Family. There were a bout four of them.



Little Blue Heron

At one point, looking at the forest, saw two leafs that were not like the other leafs in the area. Of course not. I was looking at deer ears. Played hide and seek for a few minutes, battling The Run current, until it decided to take a peek. I was ready. That was the highlight of the morning up to that moment.

Rock Springs Run Deer

Rock Springs Run Deer

Turned around at 11:20, almost three hours after started my paddle. Now it was time to enjoy the scenery and let the current do most of the work. There were not many pic chances on my way downstream. Many song birds on the covered areas of The Run but, good luck trying to get a pic of them with the current pushing you down. It is a tough task. I decided against keep trying soon after. By the way, The Run was fast today. A little lower than in my previous trip almost a month ago.

Rock Springs Run Gator. One of three I saw on The Run.


Turtles. Same pair as above from another angle

And another turtlle

Reached the confluence with the Wekiwa River but the chaos was visible and audible in The Run before it. It was incredible. Paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, people stopped in the middle of The Run. People in canoes that do not have any business being in one since there was no control of it. Just got a reminder why I do not like to paddle here during the weekends. It is a different scenario. Anyways, here is what I saw from the confluence to the State Park.

Juvenile Little Blue Heron

Juvenile Little Blue Heron

Wekiva River Angel Joanne on River Patrol

Great Blue Heron

Juvenile Little Blue Heron
Soft Shell Turtle

Made it to the State Park, carried all my stuff to the mini van but the kayak and my camera. Talked to one of my sons and they wanted to stay a little longer. So stayed in the lagoon area, in the boardwalk, watching insanity developing in front of me, total craziness. I have said this before and will say it again. The concessionaire should force their costumers to use the life jackets. One day someone will die there. Long story short, a trio of guys went out in a canoe. I said to someone besides me that it was just a matter of time before they ended on the water. Well they did. River patrol had to ask them to put the life jackets on since they were just there, floating, unable to turn the canoe over.

River patrol in action.

You have no idea how many people left the beach after renting a canoe, without knowing which side of the canoe was the front and which one was the back. At one point did count 5 in a row going out like that. In defense of the employees, they tell everybody. People simply do not pay attention. Had a good laugh though. Only one canoe had the common sense to realize something was wrong and corrected. After my sons were finished drove around the park before going home. It was a good drive...

Florida Gopher Tortoise

Another Florida Gopher Tortoise

Florida Gopher Tortoise


Deer. The only reason  this one is not the opening is because is not from the kayak.





Fawns on the run
And that is it for this one. Check us of Facebook every now and then for more pics from this and other trips. Thanks for reading and hope you come back next week for another Views From Our Kayak.

Gator swims at the Wekiva Springs State Park lagoon


  1. The otter family is wonderful! Great pictures, as usual. My day wasn't nearly as enjoyable, and I agree with all your comments.

    1. You did a great job with the bozos in the tipped canoe. In reality I was there for fun, you were there serving others. You, and all the volunteers, are valuable. Thanks!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the natural bounty.. otters, soft shelled turtle..(have never seen one) .. and the natural boo*bies.. Last time I put in at Wekiwa, folks flipped their canoe. I wish they'd rent regular kayaks, rather than sit-on-tops.. Not great w/ camera gear.. I did manage to find one regular, but it was a two seater & more than was needed..Anyway, thanks for the tour and the the animals are amused too!