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Monday, September 1, 2014

Econlockhatchee River (From C.S. Lee Park)

Econlockhatchee River Bald Eagle

This one was over due. Had planned to kayak to the Econlockhatchee River from C.S. Lee Park but always postponed it for one reason or another. Not today. It was very hot and the pics chances were only a few. The rivers, St. Johns and Econlockhatchee River, are very high. That made the task of finding the Econ from the St. Johns a little harder but found it.

Great Egret

Put In / Take Out: C.S. Lee Park in Highway 46.

St. Johns River

Am not going to bother you with my faulty narrative so let us go straight to the pics...

Gator at the St. Johns River

Tri Colored Heron

Tri Colored Heron


Little Blue Heron


Great Blue Heron

Red Shouldered Hawk

Bald Eagle

Did turn around after 3 hours. The trip down river took me only an hour and thirty minutes. Had the luck of spotting another Bald Eagle before turning around....

Bald Eage

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

And this is it for this one. Not many pics but the chances were just a few and the heat was BRUTAL!!!!!!!! Check our Facebook Page for more pics and videos from this and past trips. Thanks for coming and see you soon. We will be sharing with you more Views From Our Kayak

A view of the Econlockhatchee River from my Perception Sport Conduit!!!!!!!

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