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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Three Sisters Springs at Crystal River

Selfie with a manatee

A cold front came down to Central Florida this week leaving record low temperatures in most of the area. The lowest for Crystal River was 28 F Tuesday night, which meant manatees were going to be at Three Sisters Springs, a manatee sanctuary. Was not able to go Wednesday morning but temperatures were low enough Wednesday night to consider going Thursday morning. Did exactly that and had one of the nicest trips we have had.

The view at Hunter Springs Park

Put In / Take Out: Hunter Springs Park. They open at 8 AM so do not do what I did arriving at 7 AM.

View from under the kayak

We started at Hunter Springs Park and headed to Three Sisters Springs area. One manatee tour boat was coming out when we arrived. It takes the chance of seeing manatees in crystal clear waters to take my wife out of bed early in the morning. I believe you will see why. Let us go to the pics...

The leaves also change colors in Florida.

Lesser Scaups. This is the only place in Florida where I have seen them...Crystal River
Osprey looking for her breakfast


SW Kings Bay Dr bridge

View after crossing the bridge. So peaceful!

Manatees in front of the entrance of Magnolia Springs, which is closed for the season.

Manatees surface among the mist created by the temperature difference between water and air


Manatee greets us near Three Sisters Springs

Going under!!!!!!!!!!

We paddled into the springs area. To our surprise the water was murky. There was no visibility from the kayak. Three manatees swam under us in the opposite direction we were heading. I did enter the water leaving wifey in the kayak. The visibility was terrible. Another manatee swam by leaving a cloud of sediments. Caught it on video but that was it. The view was much better in the east side spring...

Three least one of them...

With nothing else to see decided to give it a try outside the springs...

Short Three Sisters Springs Run

Manatees came from all sides. Two of them were all over me which left me wondering if I am really that overweight. Kidding aside, I can guarantee you there was no manatee touching or harrasing. A volunteer was right there in a kayak next to me looking to say something. Two officers in the boardwalk were watching very closely. They did not have to call me out because I know and follow the rules. One hand in the camera and the other in my back. That is important if you want to have a good time at this wonderful place...

As Master Dave called him, Barnacle Bud


Hello. My name is Barnacle Bud


Manatee duo

Just swimming by

Closer look

Two for One

Beautiful scene

This one grabbed my knee fist and then my hand

Manatee at Crystal River

Checking the kayak

View from the kayak

Manatee swims to the restricted area. There were not too many on the other side of the rope this time





Sea Cow

Tour boats came flooding the area with people. The tide, which affects this area, was low meaning it was shallow. With most of the tourists walking the waters became even murkier. It was time for us to leave. Not complaining. We had a blast...

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret

Brown Pelican

Female Northern Shovdeler

And this it it for this one. There are more pics and also will post a very cool video on the Facebook Page. Thanks for coming and consider yourself invited for out next post. We will be sharing more Views From Our Kayak.

Crystal River


  1. Great stuff, as always. The boat ramp on 19, about half a mile north of 44, is open 24 hours.

    1. You used to put in there. Right? I remember that from your older posts from Crystal River.

  2. Still do. Used it on my birthday. On the water at 6:35 AM