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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Merritt Island and more (from Manatee Cove)

Leaping Away!!!!!!

The way I feel and the things I want to say are not a good so will say nothing right now. Blessed weather man!!!!! Was supposed to be "smooth" in the intra coastal. It was not. Not even close. I will leave it like that. One hundred and thirteen (113) pics of the pair of dolphin fooling around (mating if you ask me what they were doing). Only around 5 of them came out  close to decent, including the opening. Had to put something so that one it is.

Florida Scrub Jay

 Put In / Take Out: Manatee Cove Park. Check the link for information if you are interested. The previous pic would have been my opening but it is not from the kayak so it took the passenger's seat. It is a Florida Scrub Jay and taken at the Scrub Ridge Trail in Merritt Island.

Mid sized gator hiding in the banks of Manatee Cove

After all was said and done was not too bad of a day. Quick summary; Planned to kayak at the Indian River from Manatee Cove Park since the forecast had it "smooth". Arrived early, overcast, breeze, and more choppy than smooth. Thought about going back home but was already there so decided to gave it a try. Two dolphins were making a huge splash and chasing each other. Unfortunately moving water as a background messes the focus for the camera and also, it was like trying to take pics while riding a horse. Spent almost an hour with the dolphins looking for a chance of a perfect pic. Did not happen. Here are the pics I was able to get. Nothing to call home about...

Gator at Manatee Cove
Dolphin's tail. Canaveral Energy Center in the background

Indian River Dolphins

Dolphins at the Indian River
Dolphins came to a nearby cove. The Sun showed up...for a minute or so....

Going down....

Tail shot

After the dolphins decided that had enough of battling the wind and the bumpy Indian River. After one hour had my mind set to go back home. My original plan was to go to Pine Island Preserve to the North. The wind, the current, and the dolphins, took me to the South. Here are the pics from where I was to Manatee Cove Park. The Sun was out for this part of the trip.

Ring Billed Gull


Juvenile Ibis

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Sandwich Tern


Royal Tern

Belted Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher

Great Blue Heron

Spent some time at Manatee Cove trying to get a manatee pic and obtain the Florida Trifecta for this trip. Manatees were skittish and did not give me a decent pic chance. Got a couple of tail shots and that was it. A mid sized gator entertained me for a few minutes too. It was funny. A young lady who saw it said it was a 12 footer. A fisherman said it was more then 500 pounds. Really it was no bigger than 9 feet.

Manatee Cove gator

Smaller gator at Manatee Cove

12 feet, 550 pounds monster (not really)

Going back to the spot

Left and decided to take a look at the conditions to the North, at Haulover Canal. Made it there and while it was not too bad it was a bit bumpy and I was already in a bad mood. Decided to call it a day. Made a stop in the road to take a pic of a hawk and approaching the Scrub Ridge entrance thought that giving it a try was not going to kill me. Glad that I did...

Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay

Made one more stop just before crossing the bridge over the Indian River. A flock of Black Skimmers were on the beach. Had to try to get a pic...

Black Skimmer

Black Skimmer

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers over the Indian River

And this is it for this one. Thanks for coming and hope you return soon for our next Views From Our Kayak...

Kayakers leave Manatee Cove


  1. Nice to know someone else takes "hundreds" of pictures trying to get a decent shot in challenging conditions :-) Love the Scrub Jay.. Anything blue is always a fave! I expect to be in the Orlando area later this winter and was going to head for Merrit Island Refuge, where I've bever been. Thanks fir the untro!

  2. Dolphin tale shots came out gorgeous!