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Friday, April 3, 2015

Haulover Canal

Got it!!!!!! Finally

As I promised, here is the full post. It was not a good day at Haulover Canal and the waters around the Indian River. It was a wonderful magnificent day. Had a lot of fun and came back home excited and looking forward to look at the pics taken. To my disappointment some of them were not as good as they looked in the camera but am not complaining. Lots of nice ones to share.

Great Blue Heron at Mullet Head Island

Put In / Take Out: At the end of the dirt road at the North West Side of the bridge over Haulover Canal in Merritt Island.

Brown Pelican

I will not bore you with my much less than adequate narrative. Anyways I do think that 85% of the Viewers only look at the pics and do not read comments. So will only let you know that at the put in headed out West to Mullet Head Island ( approx 1 mile ), circled the island taking advantage of the sunlight at the North East side, back to the canal area through the alternate canal in the South side of Haulover Canal, a long stop at Dolphin Cove (where the alternate canal joins the main one), to Bairs Cove, and then back to the put in. Mullet Head Island, a bird sanctuary, is full of life and had a good time there.

Rudy Turnstones

Indian River Dolphin


Brown Pelican

Roseate Spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill

Lots of Spoonies with chicks. Saw one begging one of the parents for food, and got it...

Spoonbill chick begs for food

And the parent delivers...

Then to look for more food for the other chick

Reddish Egret

Reddish Egret leaves with nesting material

Brown Pelican gathering nesting material

Brown Pelican

Flying Spoonie

Spoonie chick



Snowy Egret



Glossy Ibis

Great Egret


Reddish Egret


Great Blue Heron

Brown Pelicans
Manatee mating mat in the Indian River
Indian River Dolphins

After circling Mullet Head Island headed back to Haulover Canal using the alternate and less traveled channel to the South.

Royal Tern

Indian River scene

Made it to Dolphin Cove, as it was named by Dave Cannon, from Dave's Yak Tales, where a dolphin was hunting. It just made my day. It did a fast pass while going after a fish. Then did it again and again. I have seen it before and was hoping to see and capture the moment when the dolphin leaped after a mullet. I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited more until in one of those passes it happened and I got the picture that opened this post...

Dolphin Cove dolphin

Dolphin gets a mullet

High speed chase


After spending a lot of time with the dolphin headed to Bairs Cove, a place where manatees like to hang out. Lots of them were present.


Bairs Cove Manatee
Belly up



Went back to the put in to put an end to my kayaking adventure. Decided to make a atop at Scrub Ridge Trail looking for a Scrub Jay. Did not see one in the trail but then, while on the car on my way back home saw one in the dirt road...

Scrub Jay

And that is it for this one. Thanks for coming and if you were waiting for the completed post, thanks to you too. Will post some more pics on the Facebook page. Allow me to invite you to our next post, when will be showing more Views From Our Kayak.

Looking East to Haulover Canal

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