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Friday, February 5, 2016

Hospital Hole (Weekie Wachee River)

Manatee in the Hospital Hole

It really came down in Florida's West coast last night. When I saw the tanic color of the Weekie Wachee paddling just out Rogers Park decided to cut my losses and made it a short one. Still had a blast exploring the Hospital Hole, which had around six manatees on it. All the pics are from the Hospital Hole and met two free divers who were preparing to dive into the hole. Had the chance to dive a few times deeper than I usually do and have to say this place is breathtaking. You look down into the darkness and if you do not feel a chill you are made of iron. are the pics of this trip...

Manatees resting at the wall of the Hospital Hole


Looking up from the Hole

Curious Manatee comes closer

Looking Up

Looking up

Looking Up

Manatee at the Hospital Hole

Mom and Calf in the Hospital Hole

As you can see visibility was not good at the surface. You had to dive around 7 to 10 ft to get a clear view of what was going on. Once you passed that barrier it was incredibly beautiful. Manatees, school of fish, and the underwater scene of this place made this short trip worthy of the more than two hours drive from home. My wife wanted to go to Crystal River but I dislike that place so much that would rather paddle against the current in the Weekie Wachee for 3 or 4 hours before going back there.

Hospital Hole

School of Fish

Looking to the sky


Manatee at the Hospital Hole

If you are a manatee advocate, let me tell you...I do like manatees too, do not harass them, and give them room when am taking the videos and pics. I say this because in the past some of you have left nasty messages and comments. In case you are thinking about doing the same, you do not know me so before you type the first thing out of your mind...think twice. Make a better use of your time and go fight the tour boats at Crystal River. Here you are barking at the wrong tree. Thanks for coming and receive and invitation for our next post. We will be sharing more Views From Our Kayak.

Manatee swims by at the Hospital Hole

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