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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Econlockhatchee River - Eagle's Nest

Dad and the Little One

An injury to my right elbow may keep me out of the kayak for a while; 6 to 8 weeks. Yesterday I had a cortisone shot and was hoping to feel better but did not happen. Could not stay in bed this morning and decided to pay another visit to the Eagle's Nest in the Econ. This time reached the area by land, using one of the trails in the Little Big Econ Forest. Had more than I was hoping for. The Dad dropped a fish to the eaglet and left but not before I was able to capture this scene.


I would tell you where you have to go to reach this location but quite frankly is complicated. I have been there a few times and already know the landmarks and where to turn, as the view to the nest it is not in the main trail. In the mean time let me show you how it looks. Here is who I will call Lone Econ, the eaglet...

Lone Econ...the Econlockhatchee River Eaglet



Lone Econ practicing with its wings. It went 6 to 7 inches high before landing back on the nest screaming in panic

Lone Econ

Dad came and dropped a fish on the nest

Lone Econ was so hungry that took a bite of daddy's claw

Lone Econ

Lone Econ

After a delicious fish for lunch Lone Econ explores the surroundings from the nest

Lone Econ

Lone Econ

Lone Econ is discovering its wings. Scared the heck out of it but it will figure them out.

Spent nearly two hours, mostly waiting for Lone Econ to take its first flight and/or for the parents to come. While Lone Econ almost took off twice did not do it. The parents did not come back while I was there. Anyways, other rives dwellers showed up and gave me pic chances.

Tri-Colored Heron

Econlockhatchee River Gator

Swallow Tailed Kite High in the Sky (Extremely Cropped Picture)

Swallow Tailed Kite (Extremely cropped picture)


Econ River Scene

Econ Gator

Tri Colored Heron

Red Shouldered Hawk greeted me at home

This is it for this one. Am not sure how long will it take for me to go back to the water. Today, Sunday, the elbow is feeling much better after the cortisone shot, which is something I have no intentions to do again. Whenever that happens, stay tuned, will make an effort to bring you more views of Florida. Places to go are out there.



  1. Just amazing. You see the best sights!

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing. I believe your 2nd tri-colored heron may be a reddish egret.

    1. It is a Tri-Colored Marty, just a different angle. The Econ is not a place where you expect to see a reddish egret. Those prefer to be on inter-coastal habitats.