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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Circle B Bar Reserve - Lakeland (NKP)


Still on the DL, much better but still nursing the tendonitis. A couple of weeks resting it should get rid of the problem for good. Problem is I wanted to do something today. Circle B Reserve has been in my To Do List for a while. Well, not anymore.

Circle B Bar Reserve:

Limpkin Buffet

This place is absolutely amazing. Am looking forward to go back when the heat goes away. I made it to the reserve by 7:30AM and in one hour was already soak in sweat. So many trails, so much variety. I walked 8.5 miles  total in 4 hours and a half. Walked the Heron Retreat, Eagle's Roost, Wading Birds, Tree Frogs, Alligator Alley, and Shady Oaks Trail. On this last one found a hat with a cell phone and car keys. Took them to the Nature Building. Anyways, no more talking, to the pics we go...

Glossy Ibis

After the first trip around using Heron Retreat, Eagle's Roost, and Tree Frog Trails spent 15 minutes inside my car with the AC on. It was brutally hot and humid. Thought about going back home but it was early and wanted to explore Alligator Alley. A nice young lady warned me about a wild boar in the area. Saw two of them and was able to take pics as they were not interested in me at all.

Limpkin Family

This is it for today. Another trip here is required but seems like I would have to invest on a bicycle. I would be easier like that not only here but in the Orlando and Viera Wetlands. We will see. Thanks for checking us and I truly hope that in our next post we will be sharing with you Views From Our Kayak.

Eagles'Nest (Pic taken on the Eagle's Roost Trail. Nest is far into the tree line)

Note: Will finish including the caps on the pics later...HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!!!!!

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