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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Viera Wetlands

Crested Caracara
This weekend we stayed out of the water. Our plans were a bust on Friday and Saturday had the Relay For Life activity were played three softball games and when I was done then rain came. Had plans to take a walk at Viera Wetlands(check our first post about this place for location and more information) on Saturday but the weather played a factor. Today we decided to go after taking care of some things. We had a good ride around the Viera Wetlands, where a Crested Caracara was the highlight of our afternoon. Since this is not a view from our kayak, it would be a view from our minivan, will share with you the pics and will not put you to sleep with the details. Hope you like them.

Softshell Turtle

Softshell Turtle

Northern Mockingbird


Sandhill Crane's chick

Sandhill Crane

European Starling

Blue-Winged Teal

Pied-Billed Grebe


Mottled Ducks

Anhinga chick

Osprey and a catch

Glossy Ibis

Savannah Sparrow

Softshell Turtle...the neck is completely stretched

Anhinga (male)

Small alligator

Cattle Egret

Crested Caracara. Note the rings in the legs. It is a rehabilitated bird.

Crested Caracara
Crested Caracara

Tri-Colored Heron


Great Egret

Great Blue Heron


Great Blue Heron chicks

Mom(or Dad) and the chicks





Juvenile Ibis
We tried to catch a domestic dispute on the Great Blue Heron's nest. Check this video of the two chicks having an "argument".

Here is the link if you want to see the rest of the pics of this trip and the ones from our first time here: Viera Wetlands. Thanks for reading and hope to see you this weekend, hopefully from the water and Views From Our Kayak.

Scene at the Viera Wetlands

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