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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alexander Creek

Alexander Creek Otter

Today's paddle took me to the Ocala National Forest and Alexander Creek. The plan until Friday night was paddling Juniper Creek, also in the ONF. But my first and only experience, so far, there was not good and I have been reluctant to go back. So had a change of mind and headed to Alexander Springs Recreational Area Saturday morning.

Green Heron

Put In / Take Out: Alexander Springs Recreational Area in Ocala National Forest. This facility is managed by a concessionaire working for the Federal Government, as some other facilities in the Ocala National Forest. The fee is $5.50 per person, NOT per vehicle. They also have strict rules that they really enforce. No alcohol inside the daily use area. Someone in a birthday party near us had alcohol in the car and went back and forth a couple of times to get a refill on his beverage. They got him and kicked him out of the facilities. There is also a charge of $6 to launch your own kayak/canoe. Check the link for more info: Alexander Springs Recreational Area.

I am not sure of these ones. Are them young Wood Ducks?

It was a short and relaxing paddle at Alexander Creek with just a few pic chances. Started at 9:30 and was done shortly after noon. Saw a canoe and a kayak on my way down and two canoes on my way up. Alexander Creek is an easy paddle either way, up or down stream, since the current is not too strong. Alexander Creek goes under the bridge of CR445 a mile away downstream and empties into the St. Johns River between 7 and 9 miles after. I am awful estimating distances so take it at face value. The spring, Alexander Springs, is a first magnitude spring and around 70 million gallons of water come out of it daily. A heck of a place!!!!


That is all that was going to be said. Let us go to the pics, that will tell the rest of the story...

Bald Eagle. Our old friend at the 434/417 intersection in Oviedo. Saw it on our way to Alexander Springs.

Little Blue Heron

TBD...I believe they are young Wood Ducks




Green Heron

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird

The following three gator pics are from the same animal...

Green Heron

Just logging around

Biggest gator of the day. Next pic is the same one





After the paddle a dip into the cool waters of the spring was in order. My oldest joined me...

And a few underwater pics of Alexander Springs...

Need a better UW camera. Maybe next year. This is it for this one. Check also our Facebook page for more pics. Thanks for reading and hope you come back so we can share more Views From Our Kayak.

Alexander Creek scene


  1. I/think/they/are,wood-ducks.//Saw/the/eagle,and

    1. I was hoping to see the eagle at 445. It was not there. After never seeing Eastern Kingbirds this is the second time in a row I see them, first time from the yak.