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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Upper Wekiva River - From Wilson's Landings

Wekiva River Deer

OK. Welcome back if you are returning for yesterday's post completion or simply, Welcome!!!! if this is the first time you visit our blog. My plan Sunday morning was to paddle at Rock Springs Run. Over slept so decided to stay close to home. Lower Wekiva River...Nahhhh...Was there a little more than a month ago. OK...Then let us go to the upper portion of the Wekiva River. Did put in at Wilson's Landings even when I do not like these facilities as much as Katie's Landings. Had a great day of deer viewing, not too many pics but got a couple.

Limping little deer at Wilson's Landings

Put In/ Take Out: Wilson's Landings. For directions and other details please check the link. There is no fee. The put in and take area is not my favorite but it is not impossible. It is a longer walk from the drop-off area to the launch area, going downhill first and uphill at the return. You may want to bring a cart.

Eastern Phoebe...rulers of the river!!!!!

Was at Wilson's Landings at 8:10 AM. A deer greeted me, and then another ran across the road, and another, and then another ran into the forest. Then one walked, stayed in the middle of the way, looked at me like saying...shoot a pic and I did so. Had to.

Deer at Wilson's Landings

 She is beautiful...and knows it

After the deer experience was in the river at 8:30. There were Eastern Phoebes all over the places. Other than the three fishermen I saw going up, saw no one else in the river until got close to Buffalo Tram Primitive Camp. A couple in a canoe from the Wekiwa Springs State Park was having a private party in the banks down stream the camp site, with camping tent and everything. Here is what I saw on my way up river...

Little Blue Heron



Little Blue Heron


Pileated Woodpecker

Great Blue Heron

Small gator. No big ones were seen at the river on this trip



Great Blue Heron

Tiny gator

Juvenile Little Blue Heron


Black Crowned Night Heron

Black Crowned Night Heron

Biggest gator of the day. Doorman at Buffalo Tram


Made it to Buffalo Tram Primitive Camp in a little less than three hours but a disclaimer; I am a very slow paddler. Add to that all the pics stops and, well, there you go. Took me less than 1 hour 30 minutes to go back to Wilson's Landings. Only stopped three times. There was way more traffic in the river at the time of my return.


Eastern Phoebe at Wilson's Landings

And this is it for this one. Thanks for coming and hope you liked it. Check our Facebook page for more pics from this and past trips. We may see you again next weekend to share more Views From Our Kayak...

Wekiva River

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