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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Orlando Wetlands Park - NKP - Practice Mode

Diving Belted Kingfisher

Sorry if you were waiting for a paddling post. Did not paddle today. I have said a few times that wanted to take photography lessons. Well, finally did it. The Friends of The Orlando Wetlands Park offered a class and I jumped on it. Today took a couple of hours, after having lunch with wifey and the no-so kids anymore, went to the park to practice what the instructor, Reinhard Geisler, has taught us for the last two Saturdays. Not going to go into too the details in here but will leave you a couple of pics from today and a link to the album in our Facebook Page, where there are many more pics to share.

Of course. Cannot miss the chance to shoot a gator pic but here was practicing shooting to a dark subject.

Snowy Egret. White subject back lit.

Tri-Colored Heron

Coots. Practicing shooting dark subjects

Juvenile Little  Blue the other side

Green Heron

Red Shouldered Hawk

Eastern Phoebe

Belted Kingfisher

That is it. Check our  Views From Our Kayak on Facebook for more pics from yesterday session. Hope you like them. See you this coming weekend where we will be sharing some Views From Our Kayak, literally, from the kayak. See you then.

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