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Friday, November 22, 2013

Wakulla River

Wakulla River manatee

A personal matter forced me to take a day on vacation today to go to our state capital; Tallahassee. After thinking that it sucked big time came to my mind that, if I finished early what was needed to be done, then would have time to go and kayak somewhere near Tallahassee or a place on my way home. Long story short: Wakulla River and it was awesome as in manatee all over the places. My apologies in advance but the pics did not come out as I expected. Probably because am learning to use Manual Mode and have ways to go. There was not too much variety in the river but the scenic beauty is stunning.

Wakulla River

Put In / Take Out: The Wakulla River has more than two points where you can put in and take out. One of them is the bridge on CR 365, the other the bridge on US 98, and being the last one the city of St. Marks. Instead of trying to understand my writing check this link. It has good info and is what I used to locate where to put in for this trip: Kayaking Wakulla River. I did put in at the US 98 bridge. Paid $5 dollars and it uses the Honor System that means no attendant. You deposit your payment in a box and kept the receipt visible on your dash. There is an outfitter, TNT Hideaway, at this same location. If you rent from them you can use their put in area, which is much better than the boat ramp on US 98. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT go to Wakulla Springs State Park thinking you can put in there. It will not happen. Actually, you cannot kayak within the state park boundaries as it is a wildlife sanctuary.

Great Blue Heron

The Wakulla River is 11 miles long, flows into the St. Marks river a few miles North of the Gulf of Mexico. As the Silver River in the Ocala National Forest, its clear waters attracted several movie makers during the cinema boom in Florida. Some of the Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan movies were filmed at the Wakulla River.

Wakulla River Turtles

My trip was approximately 8 miles total...4 up river and 4 down river. Did turn around at the CR 365 bridge, where there is a fence that does not allow you go far up North inside the Wakulla Springs State Park territory. I do wonder if people really comply with this since there is enough room to paddle under the fence. It was cloudy when I started at the US 98 bridge. The Sun came out, went back into the clouds, came back out, did hide again, came back out, and finally it rained. What about 10% precipitation chances? This place is as beautiful as you can imagine with an incredible and peaceful scenery. Lots of turtles, cormorants and manatees. Unfortunately the water, as it was clear for being a spring fed river, was not clear enough for good underwater photos. I do not know if that is the norm or if those were the conditions yesterday. Enough of my writing, let us go to the pics...



More Turtles at the Wakulla River

Great Egret caught lunch


Cormorant and Turtle

Belted Kingfisher


Great Egrets

Turtle formation


Belted Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher. Is the owl supposed to scare it?

Belted Kingfisher

Great Egret

Red Bellied Woodpecker


One and only gator seeing at the Wakulla River

CR 365 bridge. Turn around point as there is a fence with warning signs...

Boundary of the Wakulla Spring State Park

Manatee at the Wakulla Rive

Manatee ahead!!!!!

And this is it for this post. If you checked it yesterday and came back today for the finished post I hope you are not dissapointed. I enjoyed this first trip to Crawfordville. Always take a look at our Facebook Page for more pics from this and past trips. See you soon, from another beautiful Florida location, to share more Views From Our Kayak.

US 98 bridge over the Wakulla River.


  1. Personal matter, won the lottery!!....Of course, being in the kayak is like winning the lottery every day.

    1. Winning the lottery!!!!!!!! I wish but no. Sadly that was not the case. Was in the Department of State for a notarial certification, which is needed ASAP.

  2. Water level looks high. It has been years since been there. It was in July and plenty of gators.

  3. Very disturbing that you would apologize for those photos.