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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Rookery at St. Augustine (NKP)

American Crocodile

Nope...Do not adjust your calendar . It is Friday night and am not supposed to post. Wifey and I had some things to do at Jacksonville this week and in our way back home made a stop at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine. The intention was to visit the rookery there and take pics of the chicks, something we rarely do when kayaking. The American Crocodile in the opening caught my wife's eye because that is not something we see never. But this is not a kayaking post let us go to the pics, starting with the reptiles...

An Albino Alligator is on display. I have heard those guys do not last long in the wild.

The reptiles waiting for food during a feeding show.  It is a good to see what they can do and how high they can jump. Works as a reminder to stay at a prudent distance from them.

This dude seems like is having a good time

The gators exhibit is at the entrance. From there we headed to the board walk around the rookery. There the gators and the many birds nesting have a good deal. The gators keep the snakes and raccoons away and in exchange the gators can have the poor chicks falling from the nests. I saw a gator biting a limb and shaking it to make a bird fall. Unfortunately for the gator the bird was an adult Snowy Egret and did not fall but flew away. Well, let us go to the pics, starting with the Cattle Egrets....

Cattle Egret. There were only a few of those at the Rookery

Cattle Egret

Now we continue with the Great Egrets

Great Egret

Great Egret Chick

A grown Great Egret chick (right) begs one of the parents for food

Now the Snowy Egrets...

Snowy Egret Chick

Snowy Egret and chick in the nest

Snowy Egret Chick begs for food

Snowy Egret Chick being fed by one of the parents

Now let us see the Spoonies (Roseate Spoonbills)

Baby Spoonies

Spoonie Chicks


Spoonie and chicks in the nest

Spoonie Chick

Tri-Colored Herons...

Tri Colored Heron chicks

Tri Colored Heron chick

Tri-Colored Heron feeds its chicks. If you zoom the pic you can see the food in the adult's beak

Tri-Colored Heron nest


Tri-Colored Herons and chicks


Wood Storks...

Wood Storks chiks

Wood Storks chicks (Big Chicks)

And a pair of stranded ones...

Little Blue Heron

Green Heron

There are more animals in display but they are either in cages or are not Florida native. I will let these ones out for you to see them when you visit the farm. The address is 999 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine. Thanks for reading and see you soon. We will share some Views From Our Kayak.

Wood Storks rookery

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  1. Fantastic! I need to go inside sometime instead of just taking pictures from outside the walls.